Accelerating File Transfer

Accelerating File Transfer: Quicklinks Overview | Part 1: Compression | Part 2: Minimizing Data Sets | Part 3: Multiple Streams | Part 4: Alternatives (like FileCatalyst!) to FTP/TCP When people first find out about FileCatalyst, one of the first questions asked is always, "How does your product speed up file transfer?" often followed by a […]

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The Value of good Support

One of Steve Kayser's latest articles, The End of Marketing and PR isn't exactly about the end of PR (rather, it's about the new approach businesses must take to marketing and PR), but the title of the article got me to thinking. To start with, FileCatalyst has been ramping up our use of the technologies […]

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Requirements From the QA Chair

...well, I don't really have a chair on this blog. Think of it as more of a stool with a fancy leather seat on it. There was a very interesting article waaaay back in Aug. 2007 that tried to answer the question of "Why IT Projects Fail". There are a couple points that I'll be […]

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Hey now (hey now) .ico .ico an nay

If you are anything like me, you are very particular about details. When it came time to redesign about a year ago, we did what many companies do, and hired design professionals. This party was responsible for taking our overall requirements, developing a design we could sign off on, and delivering basic HTML templates […]

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QA – Come get some

The great thing about being "the QA" guy in a smaller company is that the answer to the question "what should I do about testing?" is usually "whatever you want...but don't kill anybody". The absolute power is blinding but luckily the 13 or so years of Testing under my belt helps temper this god like […]

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The Fast File Transfer Blog

Welcome to FileCatalyst's new blog.  Check back regularly as we open up about the FileCatalyst family of products, with discussions about fast file transfer, managed file transfer, and how technologies like FTP can be replaced. All the while, keep up with the goings-on at FileCatalyst's parent company, Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc. and the people who make […]

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