FileCatalyst at Interop, JavaOne, IBC

Come meet the FileCatalyst team at one of the upcoming trade shows we're attending: InterOp Las Vegas May 17–21 at booth 2407 JavaOne San Francisco June 2–5 booth #117 IBC Amsterdam September 10–15 both 7.J41 Each of these events has unique opportunities for both vendors and attendees. Drop us a line if you want to […]

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At the NAB (photo)

Managed to snag this photo from a colleague's camera. Here's Chris and myself (Greg) outside the convention center: Cropped out of the picture: some palm trees. When you've just come out of what seems like 6 months of snow, palm trees (and the kind of climate necessary for them to grow) is very welcome!

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Acceleration pt 4-Alternatives to FTP / TCP

Accelerating File Transfer: Quicklinks Overview | Part 1: Compression | Part 2: Minimizing Data Sets | Part 3: Multiple Streams | Part 4: Alternatives (like FileCatalyst!) to FTP/TCP Introduction Beginning with the introductory article on Acceleration, and continuing with the articles shown in the list above, we have been discussing a few of the ways […]

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NAB mini-update

Well, two days have passed since NAB closed for exhibition, and I can say that I enjoyed the whole experience. Unlike some of the other staff who attended, this was my first trade show, and what a trade show to attend! We'll file a full report sometime in the coming week, but for now here […]

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1 Day to NAB; fog in Chicago!

The NAB Show starts tomorrow. FileCatalyst will be at booth SL13408—come visit us! As alluded to on Friday, we will be taking the opportunity to talk about Files2U. However, as great as the new service is shaping up to be, the primary focus of FileCatalyst will always be accelerating file transfers in the Enterprise. Media […]

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files2u – a new FileCatalyst-powered service

A formal press release is due soon, but I thought I'd get a bit ahead of myself with an informal post: As some of you may have already discovered, we have been in the beta stages of a new file transfer service for a few weeks now. The service is powered by our FileCatalyst Webmail […]

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GDC Podcast Interview on VirginWorlds

If you're into podcasts and Massively Online (MMO) gaming, there really is no better place to go to than VirginWorlds. Yes, I am a bit biased with this because, I too, have a show that I do there as well ;) among the many show offerings at that site. For those that are not familiar, […]

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Fast File Transfer: Moving beyond acceleration with data optimization

As mentioned a short time ago, we have some material from our old blog that we are slowly migrating to the new one. Being that we are in the business of fast file transfer, it made since to bring back one of our more popular articles on the subject. Although written around the time of […]

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GDC- Delivering Content

At its heart, GDC is a technology show. Yes, gaming is the main focus, but that focus is not on the consumer end like an E3 or a PAX. Looking around, you’ll see exhibitors displaying technologies that help game developers with the creation and delivery of their virtual experiences. Last year's GDC seemed to center […]

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GDC Day 1-2 and why FileCatalyst is here

In my 9 years as co-founder and president of FileCatalyst, nothing is more exciting than going to an industry-specific trade show and talking to the visitors in our booth about file transfer. At first glance most visitors dismiss the need for a file transfer solution. Most people don’t realize that problems with FTP, large email […]

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