Real-time FileSystem Monitoring

HotFolder is the most feature rich client application in the FileCatalyst suite. In a nutshell, it lets you watch folders on your local computer and/or FileCatalyst Server, and automatically transfer new or changed files. Until the release of version 2.8.1, FileCatalyst HotFolder had one major drawback: It couldn't identify changes to the source folder unless […]

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Log Viewing Improvements in FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1

With the release of FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1, there have been a number of improvments. Most of these are "under the hood," but some are quite visible to the end user. As many of you have no doubt experienced; the log viewing capabilities of FileCatalyst Server/Admin were pretty rudimentary. I say “were” because they received a […]

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Management Improvements: FileCatalyst Direct 2.8

The MonitoringAgent is an indispensable tool for organizations who need to be aware of statuses (for example, problems) in their FileCatalyst deployments. As of version 2.8, we have made some significant changes that result in a more efficient, easier to manage, and scalable monitoring tool.

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Compressing as Single Archive or Chunks – Use Cases

Zip archives are not normally used as an acceleration feature in and of themselves. However, when it comes to transferring thousands of small files, saving set-up and tear-down time can result in transfers that are hundreds of times faster.

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Press release came out yesterday. Anyone following us on Twitter (@filecatalyst) will have seen a few excited words. Here's a link to the press release proper, which also includes a download of our brochure in PDF form: FileCatalyst Accelerates Transfer to's Cloud If you'd rather just read the content here, check it out by […]

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CriticalPast Introduces One of the World’s Largest Online Archives

On the 3rd of June, CriticalPast announced the launch of, an absolutely astonishing archive of historic footage and photographic images: Press Release on Business Wire From the press release: CriticalPast’s library of more than 57,000 video clips is drawn from government sources and digitized, making it easy for users to search CriticalPast’s extensive collection, […]

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From InterOp: Partnership with

There's an official press release coming out tomorrow morning, but we were excited enough about this one to spoil the fun a day early: has implemented FileCatalyst into their already-excellent Customer Portal. Of course, we feel this makes the portal even better, but we're biased! We've been interested in the cloud for a good […]

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FileCatalyst Direct as "Building Blocks"

FileCatalyst Direct is marketed primarily as our point-to-point file transfer system. At its most basic level, the solution requires server-side installation (FileCatalyst Direct Server), and a connection from a client option. On the client side, you don't even need installation—options like our Web Applets don't need anything from the client except an internet connection and […]

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Quicklink Announcement from the NAB Show

We released an interesting article today about Quicklink's adoption of FileCatalyst technology into their Store and Forward LNG solution. Here's a link to the press release proper: If you happen to be down at the NAB, why not swing by for a chat with the team? You can find us on the exhibition floor […]

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Now Hiring: Inside Sales Representative

Unlimi-Tech is hiring an Inside Sales Representative for its FileCatalyst suite of products. The main office is located in Ottawa, Canada, so interested parties will either be from this region or willing to relocate. We'd love to have you join our team! Check out the full listing at the main site:

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