April 2014 Webinar: Accelerating File Transfer: Introducing an FTP Replacement and its Benefits

Transferring files has been a common practice since the introduction of the internet; however, as file sizes continue to grow, the process of transferring files is taking longer and longer. It can now take companies hours - or days - to securely and reliably transfer files, regardless of internet speeds.

In this month's webinar, we explain TCP and the file transfer issues associated with this protocol. Our experts will explain how FileCatalyst compares to TCP and demonstrate how the solution provides secure, reliable, and accelerated transfers.

Webinar Details

Date: Thursday April 24
Time: 11:00 AM EST (GMT - 5:00)
Duration: 30 minutes

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About the Speakers: John Tkaczewski


In 2000, John co-founded Unlimi-Tech Software, creator of the FileCatalyst suite of file transfer solutions. John remains active in software development, overseeing creative and technical vision for the FileCatalyst Webmail and FileCatalyst Workflow products.